A Brief introduction & mission statement from SPCS Committee 2016-2018

Dear SPCS Members,

Wish you all Happy Diwali & Happy New Year! This is a great honor for me to have been appointed as The NEC President. I am looking forward to serve our SAMAJ. I have reached out to all NINE chapters’ Presidents and have discussed in detail on what we (NEC) should be doing to improve SPCS, chapter to chapter. From our conversations, I got a very warm feeling and have no doubt that we are on the right path. All LEC have same mind sets and are very energetic to serve their chapters. With these goals we will be moving forward as a team to build a strong Samaj for tomorrow and our next generation can build upon. Our visions and thoughts are the same, To Serve our SPCS community. We are going to advance into new technology to reach out to our members and improve our communications for members to reach us with their suggestions and ideas. Today we are at cross roads, on what needs to be done to encourage our younger generation to participate and help in preserving our roots and cultural in USA. I request all of you to join us in BUILDING SPCS-USA for our future generations to cherish. Feel free to contact any of NEC members at any time. Thank you for your trust in me and wish you all well! God bless SPCS!

-Dhiru Vadodaria (SPCS NEC President)

Message from Secretary's corner:

First of all Thank You very much for great co-operation and support from all the committee members of NEC, BOT & LEC listed here. Including North Carolina, Now we have total 9 chapters in the USA. With the support of all of you and guidance from senior leaders we have to achieve a lot to bring our Samaj to the next level. Please visit our new home at www.spcsusa.org. Post your profile picture and add all your family member’s emails to receive regular emails from SPCS. Find all the information below at our website J

  • You can pay online and become new member/non-member!
  • Our energetic & excited Youth Forum is planning surprise event for the year of 2017.
  • We have new & improved member’s directory online. So I would like to encourage everyone; please verify your member/non-member information
  • Fill out and send all Scholarship information from our website.
  • All news, events and activities from all 9 SPCS chapters’ under one roof!
  • Please feel free to email me or your local secretary anytime for any question, comments & suggestions. J Thank you all for your continuing support!

-Bhanu Chaklashiya (SPCS NEC Secretary)

Message from Treasurer’s corner:

Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to serve our Great Samaj. At the treasurery level, I will try my best to improve our community in my capacity. Please contact me for any questions regarding membership fees & donation. I will appreciate all your support during my term!

-Deepak Patel (SPCS NEC Treasurer)

Message from Convention Chair:

I am very thankful to CA chapter for selecting me as chairperson for upcoming convention.

Please Save the Date from July 4th - 8th, 2018 for the 8th International Convention at California.

Ontario Convention Center is our home for the convention. With all chapters’ help and support, we will make this convention memorable. Please visit our website www.spscusa.org for more information.

-Hardik Kachhadia (SPCS Convention Chair)

J We greatly appreciate your co-operation in the NEC’s mission!!!J
FYI: This is NEC’s First NEWS FLASH email sent to all SPCS members via our data base platform. Stay connected for more Email updates……!!! J